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We are moms who want the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious foods for our children. When we could not find this food in the U.S., we decided to make it ourselves.

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Our three product stages meet baby’s needs from weaning through the toddler years.



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4 Months
to 116 Years

Stage 1 purees are perfect for babies from the start of weaning and up. These smooth purees are made from single ingredients that are gentle on baby’s gums and tummy.


9 Months
to 116 Years

Stage 2 features food for the developing palates of babies aged nine months and up.  We mix ingredients to create tantalizing flavors your growing baby will love.  The thicker, lumpier texture encourages chewing.


12 Months
to 116 Years

Stage 3 is perfect for toddlers just starting to feed themselves.  Your toddler will be able to easily grab the tasty solids or eat them with a spoon which helps develop motor skills.

yummy spoonfuls is your kitchen away from home

Camila Alves, Co-Founder

Agatha Achindu, Founder

Start With Fresh:

We start with the best mother nature has to offer: fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and meats that are organic, non GMO, and contain no preservatives, additives or fillers. It’s just real food.

Gently Cooked:

We gently cook our recipes with care. This ensures your food is safe without over-processing or overheating which can deplete vital nutrients and vibrant flavors.

Lovingly Packaged:

We package our food in BPA-free, microwave and oven safe, easy-to-use pouches and containers, allowing mom to safely and easily store nature’s best.

Freezing Preserves Fresh:

Immediately after cooking, we flash freeze our food to lock in nutrients and flavors without the need for preservatives or over-processing. Freezing is one of the most natural ways to preserve food, just like what we do at home!

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