Creamy meets juicy in the perfect marriage of mango and avocado. It’s a tropical delight that will make your baby’s taste buds bounce with joy!

Yummy Spoonfuls™ Only Mango & Avocado is made in small batches with nothing added – it’s just organic mangoes and avocado. Our chefs gently blend the fresh mango and avocado, mash to a thick, creamy texture, and immediately freeze to preserve the goodness that nature intended.

Simply defrost and serve chilled. Or use it to make your own gourmet avocado & mango guacamole. Enjoy every yummy spoonful!



Organic Mangos, Organic Avocados

usage guidelines


Yummy Spoonfuls fruit pouches are best served chilled and the veggies, legumes, and whole grains are best served warm. Simply defrost overnight in the refrigerator or gently warm in a bowl of hot water. To quickly defrost and heat, remove cap and microwave at 50% power in 10 second intervals. Secure the cap, shake and massage the pouch to ensure even heat distribution. Product will be hot; allow to cool for 1 minute and always check temperature before serving.


Always keep the pouches in the freezer until use. Use within 24 hours of heating or thawing. Unused portions must be kept in the refrigerator. Do not refreeze.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children 3 years or younger. If cap seal is broken or loose, or pouch looks damaged, please discard. Use with adult supervision.

all flavors

only apple, strawberry & banana

only apple, banana & blueberry

only peach & brown rice

only apple & carrot

only banana, blueberry & brown rice

only pear, peach & oatmeal

only butternut squash & apple

only mango & avocado

only butternut squash & peas

only carrot & zucchini

only carrot, peas & spinach

only sweet potato, carrot & broccoli

Frozen keeps
mother nature

Made with only fresh certified organic, whole ingredients.

Flash frozen to lock in nutrients, vitamins and freshness.

no added sugar
no juice concentrates
no processed purees
no additives period

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