Healthy Frozen Meals For Kids & Toddlers​​

We get it: your life is busy. You want to provide the healthiest options for your kids, but you don’t have the time to cook meals and snacks from scratch every day. Between little league, soccer practice, drama club, and whatever else your kids are into during this season of their lives, you need healthy food options that are quick and easy. This is where Yummy Spoonfuls comes in. As a parent who knows a thing or two about nutrition, it’s likely that you’ve shied away from kids frozen meals in the past (for good reason). Healthy frozen meals for kids has been an oxymoron- until now. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that Yummy Spoonfuls healthy frozen foods for toddlers and babies are different from the other kids frozen meals you’ll see at the grocery store.

Sodium Content

Many kids frozen meals rely on a heavy handed dose of salt in order to amp up the flavor profile and preserve the food. This is dangerous for a few reasons. First, kids are already getting far too much salt in their diet. According to Science Daily, the latest research study on sodium intake for kids shows, “the average sodium intake for kids was 3,256 milligrams per day, not including any salt added at the table. The recommended intake for children varies from 1,900 mg/day to 2,300 mg/day depending on age. Nearly 90% of the children surveyed exceeded the upper level of sodium recommended for their age group.” Exceeding recommended sodium limits puts kids at risk for a multitude of health problems, including high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Another key issue when it comes to sodium- when kids get used to salty foods, they want more salty foods. A child’s tastebuds adapt to the foods that they’re served, and when they’re getting loads of salt on a regular basis, they’ll begin to turn their noses up at foods that aren’t salty. When the goal is to keep kids enjoying foods that are unprocessed, it’s important that they learn to enjoy foods in their natural state.

At Yummy Spoonfuls, we make a point to only add a touch of salt to bring out the natural flavors of our foods. We freeze our foods immediately after cooking, allowing us to rely on our freezing process- not sodium- to preserve our foods and get them safely into your kitchen. Cooking in small batches helps us keep our products up to food safety standards without relying on preservatives.

Natural Flavorings

If you take a look at the ingredients list for most kids frozen meals, you’ll see a plethora of confusing terms that most certainly aren’t food. From artificial flavorings to processed fats, most frozen meals are stacked with chemicals to make the foods hyperpalatable. This means that kids are eating flavors that don’t occur naturally, which trains their tastebuds to prefer foods that are heavily processed. Food companies know what they’re doing in creating these types of flavors- kids will continually ask for more hyperpalatable food once they bodies and brains realize that it’s available. 

At Yummy Spoonfuls, we know the importance of training little tastebuds early. We flavor our foods with a sprinkle of salt, natural herbs, and flavor heavy vegetables. When your kids begin to enjoy the taste of natural, whole foods, they’ll crave more natural, whole foods. This means that they’ll enjoy the foods you cook at home even more. We want to make it easier for your kids to enjoy healthy options, not harder. 

Veggies Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Parents, we’ve all been there. You go to town making vegetables look appetizing- fun seasonings, fun shapes, fun colors- only to have them left on the plate or the high chair tray as your kid opts for a dinosaur shaped chicken nugget. Many kids frozen meal options make a point to put veggies on the plate. One of the compartments of the meal tray will be filled with green beans or sweet potatoes that often go untouched as your kiddo opts to eat literally everything but vegetables. 

We know that this is a problem because we’re parents who have dealt with picky kids! Our solution: make veggies a fun part of of the main course. We mix our veggies and proteins so that they’re not able to be separated. When your kid sees vegetables as a part of the main course- not a bland tasting side dish- they’re more likely to enjoy them both as a part of their healthy frozen meal and as a part of the foods you offer when you cook from scratch. This isn’t about hiding vegetables. Your kiddo will still see green onions mixed in with their turkey bites, vegetables mixed with their pasta, and green beans mixed into their chicken bowl. They’ll learn that veggies are a delicious, flavorful part of the meal, not something to push to the side (or feed to the dog). 

Amazing Flavor Options

We believe in the importance of creating foods that your kid will love. Eating should be an enjoyable experience, and loving healthy food starts at a young age. Check out our wide variety of options of healthy frozen meals for toddlers and kids.

Pasta Veggie & Beef Bowl- Bite size fresh veggies simmered with grass fed beef, seasoned with olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, topped with organic mozzarella cheese. If your kid is a fan of spaghetti, this is a great way to give them the noodles they love in a nutrient dense, delicious way.


Pasta & Veggie Bowl- You might find yourself taking a bite (or five) of this delicious bowl that will please even the most discerning toddler palate. Organic rotini pasta, fresh lemon juice, basil, and parmesan cheese come together with fresh veggies to create a vibrant bouquet of flavor. Concerned about protein? No worries- this bowl is packed with white beans to give your little one the muscle building amino acids they need.

Mac & Chicken Sausage Bowl- All kids love mac and cheese, and this bowl takes it to the next level. Our organic, antibiotic free white meat chicken is combined with rotini pasta, organic veggies, olive oil, and garlic to create a bowl that your toddler will ask for again and again. Boxed mac and cheese is typically high on empty carbohydrates and low on nutrition, but our bowl is different. A balanced macronutrient profile and healthy fiber from natural sources will help keep your kid full for hours.

Turkey & Spinach Bites- Most kids love breakfast sausage, but it’s typically loaded with fat and preservatives. These bites look similar to breakfast sausage, but are a nutrient dense option that will help you squeeze in vegetables without a fight. These bites are perfect when you need a quick, on the go snack, or an addition to a sit down breakfast or lunch.

Chicken Sweet Potato Bites- These bites pack in protein, fiber, and potassium. Naturally sweet from the sugars in sweet potato, these delectable bites are a great addition to a pasta or rice bowl, or on their own as a snack.

You only want the best for your child, and you know that setting them up for a healthy life starts now, with the choices you make in your kitchen. Make the right choice for your little one- choose foods that are loaded with nutrients, fiber, and organic ingredients. When you choose Yummy Spoonfuls, you’re choosing food that has been developed with love, by parents just like you.