Little Boomer Phelps, son to Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps & former beauty queen Nicole Phelps, tries his fruits and veggies for the first time! And, go-figure, he’s already taken to it like a champ.

Last week Nicole posted an adorable image of Boomer chowing-down on a Yummy spoonfuls pouch on instagram! She commented on the picture talking about the joys and challenges of her baby’s first bites:

[email protected] has been trying fruits & veggies and today he discovered apples!! Since I started giving him @yummyspoonfuls he’s decided he hates the spoon and is ready feed himself 😍 im not sure how much he actually got into his mouth but he did eat an entire pouch in one sitting @m_phelps00”

Yummy Spoonfuls is so excited to be part of a Bommer’s first venture into solid foods, and may it be a healthy one! Thanks for sharing Nicole!


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