Organic Food For Kids

Why It's The Right Choice

As a parent, the decisions you need to make can feel overwhelming and endless. Should you go with standard preschool, or is Montessori a better option? Is your pediatrician a good fit for your child, or do you need to shop around? Luckily, when it comes to feeding your little one, some decisions are easy. You know that you want your kiddo to eat food as close to the way nature intended as possible, without loading their systems with preservatives or artificial flavorings. It’s clear that organic food for kids is the way to go.

Little Bodies, Big Problems

Since a child’s body is so much smaller than that of an adult, they’re exposed to higher levels of toxic chemicals than an adult when they eat conventionally produced foods. Pair that with the fact that their immune system is still developing, and it’s easy to realize that babies are incredibly vulnerable to pesticides and other chemicals. Babies and young children are also more likely than adults to eat a larger amount of certain foods that are typically loaded with pesticides, such as apples, grapes, strawberries, and carrots. Studies show that a child’s body is not fully capable of metabolizing toxins until age seven, when their liver begins to mature. Heavy exposure to pesticides before this age can be especially dangerous.

More Nutritional Bang For Your Buck

When fruits and vegetables are grown organically, they’re forced to fight off bugs and disease on their own, without the help of chemicals. This changes the nutritional makeup of the plant. Organic fruits and vegetables have higher levels of vitamin C and antioxidants than conventionally grown produce. Organic farms tend to stress crop rotation, which means that they do not over farm their soil. Crop rotation allows soil to recoup minerals it loses during growing seasons. This means that soils do not become depleted of nutrients as they do in conventional farming practices. When soils are nutrient rich, foods are nutrient rich as well.

Early Protection Against Cancer

Studies show that kids who are fed an organic diet have lower levels of insecticides and pesticides in their bodies. Many of these agricultural chemicals have been proven to disrupt hormones in the body. Disrupted levels of testosterone and estrogen levels have repeatedly been linked with brain, breast, lung, ovarian, and colon cancers. While you can’t protect your baby from everything, feeding them an organic diet when they’re young is a great way to help them become less likely to develop a variety of heath issues later in life.

Protection Against ADHD

A study at Harvard University of 1,100 children showed that preteens and teens with the highest level of pesticides in their bodies also had the highest incidence of ADHD. While it’s important to note that correlation does not necessarily imply causation, it’s clear that there is a connection between pesticides in the body and ADHD. The study also showed that switching children to an organic diet for a mere five days drastically reduced the amount of pesticides in their bodies.

Get Well Faster

For moms and dads, there’s nothing that’s more heartbreaking than a sick child. Even worse? When the antibiotics that the pediatrician gives your kiddo don’t do the job. This unfortunate scenario is happening more and more often. Conventionally produced meats in the United States often come from animals who have been given antibiotics in order to speed their growth ward off diseases likely to come as a result of their living conditions. When children eat meats from animals who have been fed a steady supply of antibiotics, the child ingests the antibiotics as well. This can lead to their body becoming resistant to the antibiotics they get from the doctor when they’re sick, resulting in longer recovery time and higher doses of medicine.

It’s About Other Kids, Too-

Studies have shown that children born to women who work in conventional agriculture and are exposed to pesticides during their pregnancies tend to have lower IQ scores. It’s important that we as a society demand safer working conditions for farm workers. The best way to vote? With your money.

Organic Food For Kids- Choose Yummy Spoonfuls

When it comes to the food you give your children, you have a choice. Yummy Spoonfuls knows that your kids depend on you to provide them with the healthiest food available for their growing bodies and minds. With Yummy Spoonfuls, you get the best of both worlds. Top notch organic ingredients that you can feel good about feeding to your kids, plus the convenience of having a frozen meal ready to heat up and serve in mere minutes. At Yummy Spoonfuls, we ensure that every ingredient we use is USDA certified organic, and we refuse to include genetically modified foods in our products. We believe in small batch cooking, just like you would do at home, to ensure the highest level of quality control. We cook our foods at low temperatures to preserve as much nutrition as possible, before immediately freezing to preserve nutrients, flavor, and freshness. We work hard to replicate the work you would do at home in your own kitchen to create bowls and bites that you feel good about feeding to your family. We know that choosy parents care about packaging, too. That’s why we package our foods in BPA-free containers, making it easy and fuss free to heat up your little one’s snack.

You already know that your kids deserve the best in life- food is no exception. When you choose Yummy Spoonfuls, you’re choosing the best. Meeting your kid’s nutritional needs in a delicious way isn’t always easy, and you’re doing a great job!