Organic Toddler Snacks

We’ve all been there. You give your toddler a healthy snack, they take one bite, look you dead in the eyes, and throw it on the floor. As a parent, you care about what goes into your kid’s food. It can be hard to find healthy options that your little one will actually eat, but you refuse to compromise quality for taste. The challenge of striking the balance between nutritious and delectable can increase tenfold when you’re trying to find foods that are ready to eat in mere minutes (or less). For many toddlers, the majority of calories actually come from snacks, rather than from full meals, so you want to make sure you always have delicious options available. When you don’t have time to create a homemade snack, you need something that’s nutrient packed and available on the go. We’ve put together a list of the top ten snacks for picky toddlers (and picky parents). Fear not, moms and dads: healthy, quick organic toddler snacks that your kiddo will actually enjoy are out there.

9 Healthy Snacks for Choosy Toddlers

1. Yummy Spoonfuls Bowls and Bites

Whether you choose Yummy Spoonfuls bowls or bites, you can’t go wrong with these organic toddler meals and snacks. Unlike other snacks for kids, Yummy Spoonfuls are created with balanced macronutrient profiles, keeping your kid full and satisfied until it’s time to eat again. Created by Agatha Achindu, a mom who struggled to find healthy meals that actually tasted good for her son, Yummy Spoonfuls is the perfect choice for parents who want to provide the best for their kids but don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen. These bites and bowls are seasoned well, but not so hyperpalatable that you’ll struggle to get your kid to eat anything else. Yummy Spoonfuls gives your toddler the next best thing to fresh homemade foods. You’ll find Yummy Spoonfuls in the frozen section at the grocery store. Check out a variety of their toddler pleasing options, including a mac and chicken sausage bowl, turkey and spinach bites, and chicken sweet potato bites.


2. Homemade Fruit Leather

Fruit leather is a great choice for kids who are on the go. Bonus: it’s easily customizable, so you can blend in whatever fruit flavor your kiddo is currently loving. Let your little one choose the fruits they’d like to include- they’ll be even more likely to indulge when they’re able to take part in the creation of their treat. This is a great chance to encourage your kids to try new fruits or veggies. When blended with flavors they already love, they’ll be more likely to enjoy a unique-to-them taste.

3. Cottage Cheese and Crackers

Whole grain crackers with a side of cottage cheese for dipping are a great way to introduce your toddler to new consistencies while keeping the nutrition high. Remember to serve whole milk dairy products to your kiddo to give them the fat they need. Feel free to jazz up the cottage cheese by adding a spoonful of no sugar added jam.


4. Dried Fruit Slices

Making dried fruit at home is an easy way to make the house smell amazing, and to amp up the flavor of your toddler’s favorite produce. Simply cut fruit into thin slices, lay flat on a baking sheet, and cook at 250 degrees until dry and slightly crispy. Feel free to sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg.

5. Smoothie Pops

Blend your favorite fruits, veggies, and milk or milk substitute into a smoothie, then pop into molds for a delicious treat that your kiddo will love on a hot summer day. Let your little one choose a veggie to add into the mix.


6. Cubed Meat And Cheese

The perfect size for small hands, meat and cheese cubes are an easy way to help toddlers get plenty of protein when they’re constantly on the go.

7. Easy Energy Bites

Combine equal amounts of chopped nuts, dates, and fruit for easy energy bites without added sugar. Soak mixture in water for 30 minutes, drain, then blend in a food processor. Use a spoon or melon baller to scoop into small balls, store in the fridge. You’ll want to make sure that these are reserved for older toddlers- chopped nuts are a choking hazard for little ones under three years old.


8. Fresh Veggies and Hummus

There’s not much that toddlers love more than dips, and hummus is a way to take dip nutrition to the next level. Help your toddler expand their tastebuds by serving a few familiar vegetables with a new one in the mix. This is a great chance for you to try something new too- sharing the experience of a new food with your toddler shows them that trying new things is a lifelong adventure.

9. Homemade Applesauce

Your kids will love homemade applesauce. Feel free to leave out the sweetener altogether, or to use honey or pure maple syrup. Homemade applesauce provides an awesome opportunity to blend in new fruits or pureed veggies. Let your kid help with the process so that they get excited about trying their creation.


Snack time gives parents the opportunity to fill in nutritional gaps for toddlers, and it’s also a great chance to expand their palates. Getting a wide variety of foods in front of your toddler is important. Snack time is a great opportunity to expose your little one to tastes, colors, and textures that they may not otherwise experience. You know that the foods you feed your toddler now will set them up for good health for the rest of their lives. No matter what snacks you choose, do your research. Find out how their foods are processed, and learn about where the ingredients in their snacks come from. Your precious kiddo’s health will thank you.