5 Meal Delivery Services For Busy Parents

Have you ever felt that once you’re on a roll and motivated that somehow obstacles find a way into your life and throw your routine or momentum off? (I’m talking about from the health perspective.) 

For example, you’re on a roll with your morning workouts but then your little one starts teething and #MOTN (middle of the night) wake-ups shake up your sleep and energy to start the day.  How about when you’re meal prepping like a boss and then friends come into town and throw your healthy eating for a toss? Or how about when the weather changes and stomach bugs start spreading like gossip rumors and you’re whole family is suffering from it so there’s no time or mental energy to dedicate to exercising let alone eating healthy?

We know that obstacles are all around us. However, the key is to find ways to manage them without completely going off track.  We’ve all had those days where we just can’t stand on our feet to chop up vegetables for #mealprep Sunday. As a result, a plethora of concepts offering ready-to-eat meals have emerged to help busy parents like us eat healthy without the extra effort required.  We’ve put together a few for you to check-out so that you’re not lost when life gets in the way! Here they are:


Freshly is a meal delivery service offering fully prepared, healthy meals that just need to be heated. The recipes focus on gluten-free, non-GMO, no processed sugars, adequate fiber, high protein, low carb/alternative grains and healthy fats.  The meals are shipped fresh and should be consumed within a week’s time.  All their ingredients are fresh and natural — no added preservatives or additives.  The meals are also portioned appropriately so you don’t have to think about anything besides heating and eating. Check out their blog for informative nutrition content! This is a popular west coast concept slowly making its way to east coast.

Factor 75

Factor 75 offers organically grown, non-GMO, healthy and fresh microwaveable or oven friendly meals.  Simply create a taste profile and you’ll get assistance planning your first menu — from there just swap and edit  accordingly. Their menu offers some traditional favorites or restaurant menu options without the excess calories — perfectly portioned and provided with high quality ingredients and no preservatives.  You can order snacks or meals. Factor 75 delivers all over the U.S.

Fresh n’ Lean

Vegetarians and vegans rejoice! The Fresh n’ Lean concept is a healthy meal delivery service company that focuses on making fresh and organic meals.  The recipes use highest quality ingredients and are plant-based. Not to mention, they offer something for everyone whether you’re looking for low-carb, paleo friendly, plant based or high protein.  The meals are delivered fresh — not frozen.  They encourage consumers to add flavoring to the individual taste profile because they prepare meals with limited salt or seasoning.  They are based in L.A. but they deliver nationwide.

Bistro MD

Bistro MD offers meals that are physician-designed, chef-prepared meals delivered right to your door.  They cater to a various phases within a woman’s or man’s health lifecycle.  Their ingredients are high quality and they source environmentally-responsible seafood, rBGH-free beef, and hormone-free chicken as well as partner with local, family-owned farms whenever possible.  Their program is structured for weight loss so this may be a great option for new moms.  They’re based in Florida and deliver nationwide. As per their website, new customers receive 25% off + free shipping their first week.


Munchery isn’t necessarily about weight loss but their menu is designed by chefs who use organic, high quality ingredients.  The prepared meals are delivered as quickly as same day if you’re within the membership area and you just need to heat them accordingly.  The menu changes weekly but they do offer Taco Tuesdays pretty consistently. ? Their menu caters to families by offering meals, kids meals, snacks and dessert. Most recently, they started offering cooking kit subscriptions (primarily for their non-membership areas) as well.

Our goal is for you to live your best life and some days it’s not always peaches and cream.  These meal delivery services are definitely worth trying when you’re unable to get into the kitchen to meal prep and cook up a list of recipes. If you’ve tried them, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section!By: Anita Mirchandani, M.S, R.D, C.D.N