5 Ways To Get Active With Little Ones

As your children are saying goodbye to the school year, you’re probably wondering what to do with them during the summer months.  Let’s begin by saying we’re all in the same boat between June and September.  One of the best ways to maximize family time is by being active and the positives are the warmer climates and outdoor facilities available to us.

In the last year, screen time for children has been a hot topic.  As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Today’s children grow up immersed in digital media, which has both positive and negative effects on healthy development. Families should proactively think about their children’s media use because too much media use can mean that children don’t have enough time during the day to play, study, talk, or sleep.”  The idea being that we don’t want our children to “plop down” in front of the TV with mindless entertainment.

So instead of struggling to find time to exercise and spend with your kids, why not incorporate both?

Here are five ways to get active with your little ones:

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Child and mom yoga

Over the years, there have been a variety of fitness class offerings that integrate babies, strollers, carriers, and caregivers.  We’re confident that one of the combinations could work for you to try.  These classes are usually held outdoors at a local park or open public areas and focus on bodyweight exercises for adults and children.  It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get fit, and spend time together.

Volunteer at Your Local Park

mom and girl watering plants

Most parks and recreation centers have volunteer programs for people to get involved with landscaping and gardening opportunities.  If you’ve ever wanted to get comfortable with nature, now’s the time! These programs not only offer physical activity but also educate us about horticulture.

Visit Farmers Markets

farmers market

Farmer’s markets are a great way to explore local produce and foods as well as teach your children about fruits and vegetables or healthy eating.  Many of these markets are spread out so you’ll be on your feet for a while exploring the different vendors, stalls and booths.  Snag seasonal produce and engage in conversation with local farmers while spending time with your family.

Rent a Bike

Renting a bike may seem touristy but who cares? You could get a tandem bike or invest in baby/toddler friendly bike seat such as a Bobike Mini or a WeeRide Kangaroo for your little ones.  This is a great activity for those early risers during the summer months.  Choose different routes and explore your surroundings and finish up with a breakfast somewhere along the way.

Water Activities or Swimming

mom and baby at pool

Take advantage of your local pool and spend time in the water.  Swimming is one of the best low impact activities that you could do (especially if you’re expecting!) and encourage your children to befriend the water.  Splashing, playing and kicking are all fun ways to get some activity!