Avoid These 5 Food Choking Hazards For Your Little Ones

As your kids curiosity and exposure grow so do their taste buds! However, its important to take note of the list below because they are considered choking hazards.

Choking hazards to avoid:


Because a grape’s skin is slippery it sometimes gets swallowed fast before its bit. Therefore, it’s important to slice them into quarters or halfway horizontally before serving. If a grape gets stuck in the airway, it can block the airflow completely and becomes difficult to remove.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are similar to grapes in texture.  It is also important to slice them before serving.


With popcorn, your child may not have the ability to grind the piece into small enough bits to swallow easily. Unless you’re confident, avoid accordingly.

Sunflower, Pumpkin Seeds or Seeds in Fruit

These may be too small to choke on but could potentially get stuck in a child’s airway and cause irritation or infection.

Sticky foods

(i.e. gummy candies, marshmallows or dried fruit) Because of their gooey texture and smaller size, they may not be bit into before swallowing. Therefore, they could get lodged in your child’s throat as well as cause a gag reflex sensation.

Our food safety tips:

1. Teach children to take small bites

2. Cut up food into appropriate sizes before serving

3. Encourage not to speak and eat at the same time

4. Food should be eaten while sitting down — not while running or walking or in a car.

5. Parents and caregivers should obtain Infant CPR certification – you never know when it will come handy.