Best Baby Food Freezing Containers

When it comes to baby food, we believe that freezing is the most wholesome and nutritious way to preserve your recipes but only if it’s done right.  In honor of our freezing series, we scoured the popular household brands and compiled a list of the best freezing containers to purchase and use.

Glass Containers

For glass, there are a variety of options, but the most appropriate are jars and dishes preferably made with tempered glass. The importance of tempered glass is related to its safety—if tempered glass breaks, it breaks into larger chunks instead of small shards. Glass jars or containers are better for long-term use, so if you plan to make a recipe in bulk but happen to be away from home (i.e. travel, holidays) then storing them in glass is a smarter option. Most recipes yield at least 16-24 servings in terms of “baby food portions.” In order to avoid waste, freezing the contents is the optimal choice. There aren’t too many glass containers available but we’ve selected the two best options suitable for freezing and storing baby food.

Our picks below:

  • Wean Green Garden Cubes – These colorful glass cube containers can fill up to 4oz. Not only are they optimal for portion controlled baby food storage, they’re also versatile for toddler snacks. The lid is a snap closure and can withstand movement so as to avoid leakage. The cubes are BPA, PVC and Phthalates free. While a standard portion for babies is about 1-2oz, at later stages, they could consume 4oz. When thawing, you could simply place the glass container in warm water for approximately 10 minutes as opposed to microwave thawing.
  • Sage Spoonfuls – These eco-friendly glass containers come as a “Make in Bulk” set. We’re huge fans of them because they come in two sizes – 4oz and 8oz. If you’re cooking in bulk, this is a good choice. Similar to the Wean Green cubes, the 4oz containers are easy to thaw and serve. Screw-on lids may be sensitive to temperature so once you thaw the container for a few minutes the lid will be easier to remove.

Plastic Containers

Our picks below:

  • OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray  – Consider this a baby friendly ice cube tray with one main difference – the tray lid can be removed so that only one cube is released at a time. The portions are ¾oz, which may be less than a typical portion but they’re great for first time solid introductions. These trays are also easily stackable.
  • Mastrad Large Babypods – These larger-sized pods hold 8oz, so they are excellent for transitioning into bigger portions. The size is unique because you will be able to store chunkier textured food such as pastina, ground meats, and elbow macaroni. Each pod has its own lid and the pack holds 4.
  • Mumi & Bubi Solids Starter Kit – This starter kit is unique because it comes with two easily stackable trays that hold up to 21 samples. The starter kit is popular because the portion size is 1oz, making it a useful way to introduce solids to your little one slowly. They’re great for making large batches for multiple introductions because most babies don’t always like what we offer the very first time.

If you batch cook for your little one, let us know what you use for freezing!