In The Kitchen with Agatha: Organic Petite Pasta

In honor of spring, we wanted to share a recipe that utilizes a seasonal vegetable.  For this recipe, you’ll see Rainbow chard.  Rainbow chard is a leafy green vegetable that contains Vitamin K and is a good source of dietary fiber.   In fact, it is a relative of the beet.  Your child may make faces at you if you told them they’ll be eating chard for dinner but this recipe is tasty and nutritious. We’re sure you’re whole family will enjoy!


– 12oz pastina, quinoa or brown rice

– 6 plum tomatoes

– 1/2 onion

– 1/2 stalk leaks (white part only)

– 1/2 cup finely chopped rainbow chard (about 6 large leaves, remove leaves and discard middle steam before copping, you don’t want it to be stringy and turn off your picky eater, easiest way to chop is to use your food processor if you have one using the pulse button or go the old fashion way with a knife on your chopping board, either works, the end result needs to be finely chopped and not puree, we don’t want a paste)

– 2 cloves garlic (peeled)

– 1/2 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

– 1/4 cups cold pressed olive oil

– Chicken broth (ideally homemade or buy organic low sodium)

– 8 0z cooked chicken breast (about half a breast, you want the softest part of your that you can easily mashup with your hands into soft crumbles)

– Salt and pepper to taste if making this for the older kids (don’t need to add for the 12m since the broth will add so much flavor)


1. Cook pastina or quinoa and set aside (follow cooking specification provided by manufacturer, cooking for your 12 month old you want to slightly over-cook so it is extra soft)

2. In a food processor add tomato, onion, leaks, garlic and ginger and blend until nicely chopped.

3. Pour blended mixture into pot and allow to cook until fluid is almost evaporated, about 7 minutes

4. Add oil and allow to simmer for about 5-6 minutes on medium low heat while stirring often to avoid it from burning.

5. Add your pastina or quinoa, mashup chicken and your chopped chard and mix properly and let it cook for just a few minutes, you don’t want to over cook the chard.

Note: The ingredients are all organic in this recipe.  The broth is a homemade chicken broth. Also if you don’t have chicken, feel free to use shredded lamb or fish. Meal can also be blended for a mushy stage 2 texture for baby 9M+ assuming the baby has been exposed to the rest of the ingredients.